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Investigation Request

Eastern Oklahoma Paranormal Society
Investigation Request Form



Name (Real or Alias)         Contactee Address    

Alleged Target Address (the haunted property)  


City, State, ZIP Code            


Phone #        E-Mail Address     Other Contact Info 

NOTE:  PLEASE give an email address that you check regularly and often as we validate all requests for assistance by email.

How and when is the best time to contact you?                                       

Note:  We do not share this personal contact information with anyone or place you on a spam or mailing list of any kind.




 Square footage of the property or number of bedrooms & bathrooms   

How long have you or the present occupants lived there or what year and month did they move in?      

Names & age of all present occupants    

Age of structure or year it was built     

Any recent or coincident remodeling or construction in or nearby?     

Any natural bodies of water or cemeteries in close proximity? (within 100 yards)  




Describe Phenomena & History of the Site including the reactions of the witnesses including first and last occurrences


It is strongly recommended in follow-up correspondence that you journal and document everything about the case that you can think of and send as a separate document.

Please indicate all relevant factors (use CTRL to choose all that apply)  


When did this start occurring?        


About how often is there activity?        Do pets or children notice or react?             

Have there been any changes in stress, disposition, conflict level or other life altering events that may correlate with the phenomena?

What areas of the house or property are affected?

Does the phenomena seem threatening?        

Have there been any other witnesses to the events besides the occupants?




Do you wish for us to investigate?              Please indicate urgency level   

What is the desired result of the investigation?   

Has another paranormal group or clergy been notified or called in? 

Are you able and willing to make a donation or compensate our expenses if we assist you? 

NOTE:  ANSWERING "NO" DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN WE WON'T TAKE THE CASE, JUST THE ORDER IN WHICH WE CAN ADDRESS IT. Also, we cannot guarantee any particular result from our investigation - only that we have a high success rate and can lend an expert opinion and understanding ear.

 In some cases, we may be able to offer a free 30 minute consultation by phone.

Do you agree to be legally bound to our Terms & Conditions - as outlined below? 



EOPS Terms & Conditions

1. You agree to notify us of any and all religious, paranormal, research / educational, law enforcement or other investigating organization or individual that has been on or is currently on the case. If a paranormal or ghost hunter organization is currently on the case, we ask that they be notified that we have been consulted or called in as well and request full cooperation and assistance from them in this particular matter.

2. EOPS and it's officers, members and trusted colleagues are authorized to view and follow up on any evidence gathered, request interviews with the parties involved and be included on any information gathered or procedures performed in order to resolve the case by 3rd parties or the client after we have been called in. This supersedes any and all other agreements with any other organization in this particular matter.

3. We strongly request that there is only one person or responsible party, preferably the property owner, to answer to and invoice for services. This cuts down on confusion and communication issues. Otherwise, we may refuse to take the case or terminate our involvement at any time.

4. You understand the potential for deeply personal matters to be revealed in the course of the investigation such as religious beliefs, areas of stress, etc. You are not required to reveal any of this, but often it does come up as a key to finding solutions - just so that you are forewarned.

5. We do have a high success rate, but due to the nature of this work, we cannot guarantee any particular outcome of your case or be responsible for any damages to your property, person or spiritual welfare. Also, we cannot ensure that we will come to any particular or firm conclusion about the events of your haunting or it's meaning. In some cases, there may not be a paranormal or supernatural agent directly responsible for your predicament, but possible causes may include stress, misinterpretation and other natural phenomena.